Tech Studio was born out of the frustration recruiting for ICT-related jobs in New Zealand. Both our founders have owned a run a number of ICT companies and have a collective experience of several decades in this sector. Vacancies have always been hard to fill because New Zealand has a ongoing skill shortage combined with a  growing ICT sector.

Back in 2013 a specialist IT recruitment company said we had about a 30% chance of filling our latest vacancy from the local market. Convinced there had to be a better way we went in search of staff overseas. To cut a long story short we ended up opening an office in Africa.

Africa's technology scene is booming and they have a largely untapped talent-pool which is highly educated and keen to work.

With our own office based in Nairobi, Kenya we are able to select and train the very best tech talent. Working closely with our New Zealand office as a dedicated remote team.

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Meet Our Management Team

Paul Horak
New Zealand Director
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Eugene Balla
Kenya Manager